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Spring has sprung 2017!!

posted 26 Apr 2017, 15:53 by Sapphire of the Stars Carla von Frankenstein

Hi there!

Welcome to the blog if you are new and welcome back if you are returning! Its been a very very long time since I posted in here! 2016 was a flurry of moving home, developing the workshop and business further, getting settled in with the Courtyard community and of course events and stock and ,,, beads!!!

So finally have chance to get all webby again! You will see a lot of updates and changes on here over the coming months as we build the online shopping and possibly use an add on site for the shopping... there will be more updates on events and fun activities that I am involved in, as well as the fantastic Clay Cross by the Sea that I am part of for this September. 

So keep checking in on the news and please do come and say hi if you are in the area :) 

Bright blessings

Carla xx

Wire tree wrestling!!!

posted 25 Feb 2016, 14:45 by Sapphire of the Stars Carla von Frankenstein

Well for the past few days I have mostly been wrestling wire..... having an Aloe Vera plant nearby is helpful.......... !!!

Sooo be on the lookout for a wire tree section appearing!

*note..... get some plasters.........

Little helper...

posted 22 Feb 2016, 15:11 by Sapphire of the Stars Carla von Frankenstein

It always helps to have a little helper on hand when preparing packaging....


posted 22 Feb 2016, 13:19 by Sapphire of the Stars Carla von Frankenstein   [ updated 26 Apr 2017, 15:47 ]

Well the workshop is finally up and running, just a last bit of tweaking to do with it! I am open to the public, at the moment I am in and out so check out the 'Visit my new studio workshop section' for more details!

I am just stocking up on my goods now and have some rather huge batches of goods started.... stalls are booking in bit by bit. Although I haven't booked as many events this week as I would like to be in the workshop at weekends also. 

Still have a lot of work to do on the website and possibly a sister webshop that will make it easier to purchase online.

Bright blessings

Website updates!

posted 22 Jun 2015, 10:21 by Sapphire of the Stars Carla von Frankenstein

Updated 22nd June 2015
I am in progress of adding more images to the website. At the moment I do not have an add to basket facility but am aiming to do so. If you do see anything you like then please do contact me either by email - sapphireofthestars@hotmail.co.uk, mobile 07796 970372 or through my facebook page www.facebook.com/SapphireOfTheStars and I will be happy to help you. 

I will be labelling and numbering all images so if you tell me what you would like I can prepare a paypal invoice which is safe and secure and despatch goods via first class recorded delivery.

I am also hoping to be getting a workshop soon which will be wonderful for customers and retailers alike as it will act as a base for the business. 

Bright blessings

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