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'Wheel' Dreamcatchers

The name of 'Wheel' Dreamcatchers came to me years ago when I started to create them, they had also been lovingly nicknamed 'socks' due to the variety of colours that I make them in! 

To me these Dreamcatchers are all about colour and Chakras, when a customer chooses one it may be for their choice of room colour, but I always feel that the reason for the choice may relate to the Chakras or a deeper meaning. 

For example if it is a green Dreamcatcher; it will relate to the Heart Chakra and therefore indicate an compassionate person or a need to heal that part of the body.

The feathers are also arranged as a fan as a sign of cleansing. 

Each one comes with a special label describing the meaning of the the colours.

I am always happy to answer any ques
tions regarding the choice of colours or to do a custom colour combination. (I even once did a 'dreamteam' batch for a football fan!)

These are £12.95 (includes p&p)