I began the business with Dreamcatchers and they have always been the centre of my creations. Woven with good intent and love they are designed to bring the owner a sense of peace. Some have a special theme or Totem such as an Owl to further suit the needs of the dreamer.

I also teach dreamcatcher weaving and supply kits too.

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Designed by Carla Marie Fletcher ©

Handmade with love

Blessed with Reiki

A Dreamcatcher is a Native American Talisman. 

It is believed that as the person sleeps,    dreams pass through its web. 

Any bad dreams are caught in its weave and  are dispelled by the light of day

Traditionally the Dreamcatcher is hung near the window or above the bed of the dreamer.

 The web represents the Spider repairing the web of life. 

The ring is the Earth mother 

The feather represents Eagle or the             Great Spirit. 

The bead in the centre represents Iktumi the spider.


Guardian Spirit Dreamcatchers featuring polymer clay face to evoke the feeling of a guardian spirit watching over the dreamer

Heart Shaped Dreamcatchers to evoke love.

These  Dreamcatchers are based on colour therapy and the Chakras (sanscipt word for Wheel)

which are energy centres located in the aura.


The meanings of the colours;

Crown Chakra;

White/Ivory– purity and cleansing

Purple/Lilac– spiritual evolution

Silver– shielding

Third Eye Chakra;

Indigo/blues– intuition and


                                          Throat Chakra;

Turquoise– communication

Heart Chakra;

Green– compassion and nature

Pink/peach– love

Solar Plexus Chakra;

Yellow– creativity

Sacral Chakra;

Orange– energy

Root Chakra;

Red– power and grounding

Brown– earth energy

Black– protection